Politics of Fashion

Willamette, Dammit was a wine tasting event featuring Willamette Valley wine producers and their finest pours.

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Politics of fashion

Marketing, Branding, Illustration & Social Activation

Politics of Hair was an American Daughters panel event held on International Women’s Day. We had a diverse panel, including a transgender woman, fashion designer, and two stylists with unique perspectives on fashion, to answer our audience’s burning questions, discuss the effect fashion has on our everyday lives, as well as the intersection of fashion with the issues of today (fast fashion, accessibility, LGBTQ+, racism, sexual violence, and more).

I worked to brand the event and illustrate the graphics used throughout the promotion materials, marketed it on social media, and set up online ticket sales. In total, we sold roughly 90 tickets, improving our panel discussion attendance from the previous year by 100%.


Client: American Daughters

Involvement: Director of Design


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Politics of Fashion Social Post

Politics of Fashion Social Post

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